The core business of Fitbase GmbH comprises online-based prevention services. The main focus is on mediating content relevant to health, both on a theoretical and practical basis, in the fields of back health, stress management, and nutrition. Here are some of the current projects.


The aim of wellbeing is the development of a modular system that combines the fields of classical health promotion in order to improve the workability and well-being of older people in the workplace.

  • Workplace health for the those aged 50+
  • 3D sensor technology with real-time biofeedback
  • Integrated platform (movement, stress management, nutrition)
  • Initiated and supported by the EU

Homepage of wellbeing


Smart-Cushion is a sensor-controlled seat cushion which is used to analyze and optimize seating positions. The aim is to prevent postural damage and its related health consequences.

  • Analysis of seated position in real time
  • Communication via mobile app
  • Linked to online coaching from fitbase
  • Cooperation with IGD Darmstadt

Homepage of Smart-Cushion

SitSmart is the follow-up project and uses a complementary technique. In the current SitSmart project the cushion is further developed based on the results of the Smart-Cushion evaluation.

Homepage of SitSmart

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